Stolen Honours Cover

The agents of the Time Bureau, working within the protection of the towering Px Dome, scour history for anomalies. Part historian, part detective, they are the only thing defending reality from the time shifts and paradox waves caused when rogue factors try to steal from the past or rewrite history for their personal gain.

An item is pawned decades before its creation, and the investigation of this anomaly falls to junior Agent Ryan Hajjar. He is stepping into his first assignment without the oversight or guidance of his partner Senior Agent Elizabeth Johnston. He has always been the top of his class, the youngest in history to achieve time travel by thought, and the youngest to enter the Time Bureau. Even being a savant, this assignment may be more than he can handle as the paradox is not truly the item, but the information that it contains.

While her partner is on his first solo assignment, Agent Johnston is presented with an impossible image. The picture of a teenage girl, possibly her, apparently taken in Warsaw, Poland, 1939. Johnston has no memory of visiting Warsaw when she was a teenager, much less at the dawn of World War II, over four centuries ago. Could this be a hoax? Could this be the result of a parallel reality? Could this be rogue timeline? Could this be a case of her honor stolen or something more?

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